Apparently we’re worry warts?

It’s really great to hear from our mentors that we’ve done a good job here, but apparently we’re also known as the more worrisome bunch from previous summers. While that’s not necessarily a good trait, I know I’ve definitely enjoyed being with more like-minded peers as opposed to my other undergrad experiences.

I also forgot to mention last week that we had our last Ethics class. I came more prepared for this one, but I actually found the case less difficult than our first case study. We didn’t come down to an easy solution or conclusion, but the nature of the study is familiar to me because I’ve taken a number of classes in politics, contemporary moral issues, written argumentation etc. I also live in a fairly hot political area so the cases on safety and engineering are refreshing to me.

Today, we’re having starting our discussion on graduate school and the HCI program. It’s great for me because I have a limited time to think about graduate school. While I’m interested, I also believe it’s almost impossible to plan for things so far in advance. Especially because you can’t accurately predict where you’ll end up in 6 months or a year. I mean, Ames, Iowa. Perfect example.


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Hello! I'm Monica and I go to UMBC in Maryland. I'm a Media and Communication Studies major with a pending Web Development certificate (and a minor in English). I also speak Spanish and have familiarity with the Midwest because of my family in St. Louis. I'm enjoying the rural vibes. Iowa State is lovely and I'm excited for how the next ten weeks will go. I'm a fan of Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, veggie smoothies, the interwebs, freelance, the blogosphere, video editing, and mentoring.
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  1. Tim says:

    A year ago I would have never thought I would end up in Iowa this summer.

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