We are having another wonderful day at VRAC. I’m happy with the progress we made this morning and hopefully Jordan will be done his portion today for our experiment to start coming together. I am continuing to work on the poster and Adriana started thinking about ways to adjust our paper. She did a great job of finalizing the poster yesterday so everyone on the team was happy.

Today we had our last luncheon lecture, which was a little scary. When I get back home, I’ll probably wake up at the same time in the morning thinking I need to catch Cyride…

Thelma did a great job of explaining the nitty gritty details of grad school to us today. This program is really appealing and accommodating, but I have also done little research on schools. She provided so many resources for researching grad schools and preparing for the GRE.

It’s also my room-mate Alex’s birthday! Over the last three years I’ve learned that having great room-mates is such a blessing. I’m really going to miss our little apartments here.

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Hello! I'm Monica and I go to UMBC in Maryland. I'm a Media and Communication Studies major with a pending Web Development certificate (and a minor in English). I also speak Spanish and have familiarity with the Midwest because of my family in St. Louis. I'm enjoying the rural vibes. Iowa State is lovely and I'm excited for how the next ten weeks will go. I'm a fan of Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, veggie smoothies, the interwebs, freelance, the blogosphere, video editing, and mentoring.
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2 Responses to 7.24.12

  1. ahurns says:

    I’m wishing you the best of luck on the GRE and your future endeavors! I agree that great room-mates are a blessing as I have had three: one being the one from my home school and you and Sarah. I couldn’t have asked for better roomies! I’m going to miss you and our apartment as well; it was so perfectly designed and built with no “livability” flaws LOL.

  2. Monica says:

    True! We should get brownie points for how neat our appartment is. I’m definitely going to miss you both and I hope we stay in touch. I know you are going to go onto great things because you stay level-headed positive and funny :)

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