It’s our last Friday at VRAC and it was also our last journal club session! Amanda and Hua picked a cool topic, college student diets, and we had a great discussion. We’re all starting to miss these experiences.

Adriana and I switched gears today to check on each other’s work on the poster and paper. Eric is supposed to come by to implement code with Jordan, but due to some other factors we might not get to pilot until much later. We’re focusing on writing a brief results section and in-depth future work section to justify our experiment and challenges.

I’m nervous about having free time next week and being under the time crunch. It’s our last free Friday and this time next week we’ll be presenting and leaving. I’m not going to believe it and when I go home this will feel like a dream.

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Hello! I'm Monica and I go to UMBC in Maryland. I'm a Media and Communication Studies major with a pending Web Development certificate (and a minor in English). I also speak Spanish and have familiarity with the Midwest because of my family in St. Louis. I'm enjoying the rural vibes. Iowa State is lovely and I'm excited for how the next ten weeks will go. I'm a fan of Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, veggie smoothies, the interwebs, freelance, the blogosphere, video editing, and mentoring.
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  1. aphilip says:

    I completely agree; this experience has flown by, and it’s crazy that the poster symposium is this time next Friday! I have really loved being teammates with you, and I hope we get to our pilot testing.

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