Download the completed booklet HERE.

Booklet Profile

The booklet includes information about the meeting itself and the sites that are participating.

We need:

  • PowerPoint slide for each site.
  • A headshot photo of each PI/attendee

This booklet is used as a guide for the PI meeting. It also serves as an impactful book for NSF to share with leaders who make decisions about funding and directions for CISE REU sites.

Please be sure to make the slides informative and exciting if possible to convey the results and benefits of CISE REU Sites.

One Minute Madness (OMM) session slide. Please see the sample slides and use the below templates to upload your One Minute Madness slides at your earliest convenience. One minute madness is a time when PIs introduce their site in a minute or less.

Single attendee
Multiple attendees

Single attendee booklet slide
Multiple attendee booklet slide

PLEASE NOTE: Although each individual attendee will need to upload a headshot photo, there should only be 1 OMM slide uploaded per REU site.

*** Booklet materials submitting period has ended. ***