Students Advised

MS Advisor 12 graduates last five years
Career total advisees 48 MS and 10 PhD students
Current advisees 2 MS and 8 PhD students

PhD Thesis Adviser and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor

  • Hill, Lewis, Synesthetic Music Experience Communicator, Major: Human Computer Interaction, December 2006.
  • Knutzon, Jared, Managing Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles From a 3D Virtual Environment, Major: Human Computer Interaction, Co-major Professor with Adrian Sannier, August 2006
  • Walter, Bryan, Virtual Environment UAV Swarm Management Using GPU Calculated Digital Pheromones, Co-major in Mechanical Engineering and Human Computer Interaction, Co-major Professor with Adrian Sannier, December 2005
  • Assadi, Armand, CAD Model Robustness Assessment and Repair, Iowa State University, May 2003
  • Miller, Perry, Blade Geometry Description Using B-splines and General Surfaces of Revolution, Iowa State University, December 2000
  • Chen, Shiang-Fong, Collision-free Path Planning, Iowa State University, May 1997
  • Renze, Kevin, Unstructured Surface and Volume Decimation of Tessellated Domains, Iowa State University, May 1995
  • Theruvakattil, Philip, Automatic Contraint-based Synthesis of Non-uniform Rational B-spline Surfaces, Iowa State University, December 1994
  • Huang, Yunching, Dimensional Verification of Five-Axis Numerically Controlled Milling Tool Paths, Iowa State University, December 1993
  • Haghpassand, Khorssand, Computational Geometry in Orientation Planning, State University of New York at Buffalo, December 1993

Courses Taught

Iowa State University

  • ME 625 Surface Modeling Theory and implementation of contemporary parametric sculptured surface modeling technology. Non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) curves and surfaces. Fundamental computational algorithms. Construction techniques. Advanced modeling topics.
  • ME590 Independent Study
  • ME 557 Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling (developed as a new course) Students learn the fundamentals of computer graphics technology, including data structures, parametric curve and surface modeling, solid model representations, and applications in engineering design, analysis, and manufacturing.
  • ME490 Independent Study
  • ME 415 Mechanical Systems Design In this course, students solve a total design problem in a mechanical system, documenting decisions about form and function, material specifications, manufacturing methods, safety, cost, and conformance with codes and standards.
  • ME310 Mechanisms
  • ME 270 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design Students are introduced to the fundamentals of engineering design with applications to thermal and mechanical systems, and they examine existing machines and systems.

ISU Course Development

  • Completely revised ME 270 with strong market emphasis in which student teams must conceive, design, prototype and develop a business model for an “appropriate technology” product aimed at emerging third-world economies.
  • Elevated ME420 elevated to graduate-level course (ME557) to reflect enhanced content and graduate student enrollment.
  • Taught ME 525X through distance learning program (via video tape) for students located at several General Motors sites.
  • Revised ME 420 again to take advantage of OpenGL graphics language. Supported and supervised graduate student to write Class Tool Kit (CTK) a library to simplify development of Xt/Motif user interfaces linked with OpenGL graphics.
  • Developed ME 525X as a completely new course featuring contemporary NURBS curve and surface technology. Adopted as a permanent course (ME 625) in 1997 course catalog.
  • Revised ME 420 again to take advantage of new Silicon Graphics workstations. Com­puter projects revised for Iris GL graphics language.
  • Completely revised ME 420 including new text and computer projects based on DEC Unix workstations and HOOPS graphics package in place of VAX system using Tektronics graphics.

State University of New York at Buffalo

  • MAE 473/573 Graphics in Computer-Aided Design
  • MAE 477/577 Computer-Aided Design Applications
  • MAE 499 Independent Study
  • MAE 459 Design Project
  • MAE 414 Engineering Internship
  • SYS 336 System Modeling and Analysis
  • EAS 103 Introduction to Engineering

Michigan State University

  • ME 463 Computer-Aided Design
  • ME 446 Instrumentation and Data Acquisition

Short Courses Taught

  • Virtual Reality and Collaborative Immersive Environments for Distributed Mission Training, I/ITSEC Conference, Orlando, FL, December 2002 (attended by more than 100, CEU accredited)
  • Bringing Ideas to Market: Injecting the Entrepreneurial Spirit into Your Enterprise, Executive Engineer Dual Master’s Degree Program, Week in Residence, Cooperative program between Iowa State University’s College of Engineering and University of Iowa’s College of Business, co-developed and taught with A. Sannier, August 2002
  • Modeling for Virtual Prototyping, Workshop presented at the 1st Global Virtual Manufacturing Conference, Detroit, MI, March 20, 1997
  • NURBS Curve and Surface Modeling: Theory and Application, NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, August 4-10, 1994
  • Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo, July 23 – August 10, 1990, for Japan Productivity Council