Lab Inventory

Below is the list of items available in our lab. In addition, we have a dedicated team of students willing to assist you with all of the items in the lab. All materials are available for both on and off campus students. 

Item Name Quantity Details
iMac iMac (27in, 3.2GHz) 3 1 observer station (PARC), 2 participant stations (Suchman & Carroll). Dual boot – Windows  7 64-bit, Mac OS.
Digital voice recorder Olympus VN-6200PC 4 Audio recorders with usb connection
Mics Senheiser EW100G3 4 Lapel mics for mobile audio capture
Webcam Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 4 Portable Webcams
Camera Axis P5522 1 Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP camera mounted on ceiling for interaction observations
Switch NetGear GS108 1 8 port switch
Table Team table 1 Team meeting table
TechDS VT2 TechDS VT2 Eyetracker 1 Eyetracking hardware
imotions iMotions Software N/A Software to capture and analyze eyetracking data
Parallels Parallels for Win7 N/A To run Windows 7 on Mac
Morae Morae software bundle N/A Usability testing software (1 manager, 1 recorder, 1 observer)
Camtasia Studios Camtasia Studios N/A Screen capture software
OmniGraffel OmniGraffel Pro N/A Prototyping software
Delicious Library Delicious Library N/A Library management and inventory check out system
JustInMind Just In Mind 3 licences, 1 per each computer in the lab A low and high fidelity prototyping tool
UserZoom software UserZoom 2 admin accounts, 2 concurrent studies, web-based An online usability testing, UX benchmarking, online surveys, online card sorting, mobile interface studies, international usability studies
Noldus Observer XT software Noldus Observer XT 10 1 license on PARC Behavior tracking and analysis software. Code and describe behavior in an accurate and quantitative way.Integrate video and physiology in behavioral studies. Make highlight clips of parts of video and data. Share coding schemes with other researchers. Code on-the-go using a handheld with Pocket Observer.
Observer XT 10 Video Module Observer XT 10 Video Module 1 license on PARC Add-on to the Base Package for Video Analysis & Video Highlights.
Observer XT 10 Advanced Analysis Module Observer XT 10 Advanced Analysis Module  1 license on PARC Add-on to the Base Package for advanced data analysis.
snagit SnagIt N/A Screen capture software that allows you to export in several format