Craft of Research

Craft of Research Instructor: Marie Vendettuoli Room 20 Howe Hall

Day 1 – Wed, June 8

Examples of Different Publication Types:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Reference Manager Resources

Homework Due Tues 6/14, unless otherwise stated.

  • Individual Blog Post: 25 – 50 word response to IRB training. What
    did you learn? How does this relate to your previous
    expectations of research? Are there points that you strongly
    agree or disagree with? Why? Categorize this post “Craft of Research”
  • Team Blog Post: As a team, select the tool you will use for tracking
    references. Post your selection, why you made that choice and
    anything you think could be improved about your system. Categorize this
    post ”Craft of Research” and your team name.
  • On your own: Complete the research quiz (7 questions, multiple choice) by Monday midnight (6/13) of next week. Categorize this post “Craft of Research”
  • Next class: Your problem paragraph is due next week! Be ready to
    share with the class.

Day 2 – Wed, June15

Reference Resources

Slides: Day 2 Slides

Homework: (due Tues, 6/21 unless otherwise stated)

  1. As a team: Post your problem paragraph (if not already done). Categorize this with your team name.
  2. Individually: Respond to two teams with the research question that you think their problem paragraph suggests.
  3. Individually: Post two (2) references that will be part of your lit review. Cite as in your reference list.
    1. Describe how you came across this reference.
    2. Summarize the research in ~50 words/article
    3. Do not duplicate references posted by fellow interns
    4. Categorize these posts as “Craft of Research”
  4. Sign up for your Journal Club time slot. There is a doodle link from the Journal Club page.
    1. Todd and Sharrod will lead this week’s discussion
    2. Read the paper posted for Journal Club and be prepared for discussion this Friday (6/17).

Day 3 – Wed, June 22

Homework – due June 28 unless otherwise stated

  1. Individually: Post a 25-50 word response to the Craft of Research text. Describe something you learned by reading/skimming its contents AND what section or example you found most useful. Categorize post as “Craft of Research”
  2. As a team: Categorize post as “Craft of Research”
    1. Post one example of a question your potential audience might have regarding the team’s problem area or solution. Describe your plan for refuting it.
    2. Identify an example of how your research contradicts current publications. How will you address this?
  3. Preparing for ethics module [Individual]: Respond to this web article Categorize post as “Ethics”
  4. Read Journal Club article posted. Dela and Ramy will present



Craft of research homework

I read Chapter 1.4 titled “Writing is Thinking” and found that I could relate to all of the negative things the author was talking about. More specifically the “do just enough to satisfy your teacher.” I did that all though out my high school and middle school days. The author does make a point though. I cannot do things like that if I wish to actually publish papers. I must write in a way that others can understand and put to use. If I were to write a paper that was full of nothing, chances are people would shun me as an author and call me names.

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Craft of Research Book

The book has a lot of good information pertaining to forming arguments as well as the actual construction of a good research paper.  One can have all the claims and evidence he might need, but if they are not placed in a logical order then they won’t do him any good so it’s helpful to have some guidelines for that.

One section I thought was particularly interesting was Chapter 11, the one on Warrants.  When an argument seems unrelated or irrelevant I always took it for granted and dismissed it.  Likewise, when good warrants are used and an argument has a good piece of information that links it to its evidence then I usually don’t take notice because it seems like something that should be there.  Now that I’m aware of warrants and how people sometimes assume that they are known implicitly by readers, I know to be careful to make sure that my claims and evidence have an explicit link whenever it is called for.

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COR Book section

I liked chapter 12 about planning and all the different type of planning you have to do. I never thought about doing all that planning I am the type of person that just goes with the flow and tackles things/problems as they come along.


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Team ASDS- Possible Criticism and Rebuttal

One problem that people might have with our research is that we are currently only comparing ASDS to one other software product: AutoDesk Inventor 3.0. The response we would provide to this perceived lack of sufficient comparison is that we are focusing on comparing ASDS to a similar product in terms of interface and use first due to the time limitation we have working on this project. However, our IRB study is designed to compare ASDS to a broad range of software and work in this area will be continued even after our participation on the ASDS team is complete.

Our research is different from that of other publications because we’re talking about a new program- ASDS- and how it compares to existing software. Even though ASDS has been written about before for journal articles, this is the first time that a user study has been done on it.

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Craft of Research book

I learned a fair amount about the specific factors that affect research publishing in particular by browsing this book. I’ve mostly done my writing assignments in very subjective fields so brushing up on research-specific tips was helpful.
In particular, Part II, which covered the processes of making a claim and presenting an argument were really helpful to me. My biggest issue has always been picking a topic and building support for it and obviously those steps are pretty crucial to developing a project and then publishing the research results.

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Craft of Research Book

When perusing the book “The Craft of Research”, I found an interesting note in Chapter 14 (Revising your Organization and Argument) under the header “Let Your Draft Cool, Then Paraphrase It.” I tend to write in a stream-of-thought style and then read over and reorganize it; however, I’ve had times where I thought a point was made clearly yet was overlooked by a teacher or professor. This book advised that I shouldn’t read it through when rereading it the next day, but instead try skimming it and paraphrasing it to see what the overall message of each paragraph and the entire paper was. I had not heard of this technique before but I think this would be a more effective way to check and make sure I’m getting each of my points across in a strong enough manner.

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