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It’s 9:45am. We should be blogging. I don’t know what to say yet.

y e s t e r d a y

Somewhere before 11amWe went on a tour of IA State, at least half of it. It’s real nice and reminded me of PSU a little – especially with all the construction going on. We played frisbee too and I learnt some mad skills that I am really proud of! 

12pmLunch was phenomenal at UDCC. I even went for seconds and tried “buk choy” for the first time. It was really interesting blend between spinach and celery, but I would do it again.

After work: Kate and I went downtown looking for bubble tea (my favorite). To cut 3 hours into a couple of lines we got lost trying to look for uni-mart, saw a snake (to which I screamed), and made a number of wrong turns downtown. However, I GOT MY BUBBLE TEA! We also saw some “corny” t-shirts. (;







— t o d a y —

The 1st day of June was another one filled with a lot of information. Goodness gracious! I’m not going to talk about what’s on our calendar so how about:

After work: Guess who went downtown again? Kate, Devi, Jameel, Emanuel and Chris were with me too. You want to guess what we got? Bubble Tea! We then went to the comic book store and just had an awesome hour of chill time…you can honestly see through the pictures:

After downtown: Room 3216 tried to make dinner. We are alive…surprisingly. We’re thinking of ordering out tonight. We have to go to Walmart because SOMEONE tried making pasta without salt…and cutlery…and bowls. We’re jokes tonight.

also, I’m done with pictures for now! *sorry*



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