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Recapping on a Thursday, who would’ve thought?

Hy-Vee with Cy #5

last sunday —
About lunchtime: I really needed to get my bike from Reliable St. The night before, Alfredo, Emanuel and I planned to go get our bikes. There were some issues that happened in trying to collect our bikes that we had worked so hard for, a couple of weeks ago. They were:
(a) Alfredo had left earlier to get his bike without telling anyone
(b) Emanuel and I got lost BUT found out Hy-Vee was a decent place to get peppers; you can buy peppers for under a dollar.

3pm: Found our way to Reliable St. Your girl Em has a bike now!

7pm: R3216 chef’s Em and Natalie made lasagna and held a fam dinner right before the gang headed out to watch Wonder Woman. I don’t think watching the 10:35pm movie was the greatest idea we’ve had. This is more so for the fact that we ALL had work on Monday. The movie ended up starting around 11pm. The highlight you ask? Majority of the trailers that started before the actually movie. Despicable Me 3 is one of them. It comes out next weekend (btw).
A lesson we learned that evening was not even about the late night movie…it was never ever say the word… m.a.s.s.a.g.e. (:


See my last blog post.

Not that much happened that is interesting enough to blog about. Dr. Eliot + the rest of WATCH want the mini-WATCH group (the REU’s) to submit a paper to a conference. We may get to go to San Francisco if we do some mad research this summer. I’m excited and hoping we get published!

s/o to Jameel. He made some crazy drinks. Parental Disclaimer: they were non-alcoholic.

Dr. Mba-Wright has made me think about Chemistry and Engineering (not chemical engineering). I don’t think I’m going to switch my major but I’m just thinking about what I am doing and going to do with:
(a) Information Sciences and Technology (IST)
(b) Security and Risk Analysis (SRA)
(c) Sociology
It’s a weird mix I’ve got going on… I’m not really feeling SRA as much anymore. Hm.






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