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It’s update Thursday!

(last) friday
5pm: Work went by pretty fast. The most memorable thing was perhaps going into our ‘Deeper Dives’ groups. I am working with the C6; it’s a coding intensive project – I am grateful for my group members. We did 4+ hours worth of scripting today and Vijay (a mechanical engineer) was teaching us “Computer/Information Science” majors how to code

using unity. Aside the irony, he’s awesome and very…VERY…patient.

7:33pm: En Route to Des Moines. Austin has hooked almost all of us on ‘Saint Motel’. They are an awesome awesome band. I listen to their music when I bike to and from work now. Why am I telling you all of this? It’s because gang got to see them at the Art’s Festival in the city! It was great! I don’t really do outside concerts with all the jumping, but Saint Motel really had be doing the whole 9 yards! At the end of the night, I ended up getting the drummer, Greg Erwin’s autograph! (A complete accident though as Natalie and I were looking for kettle corn).
Some visuals: (Please download the video)

1:23am: Finally in bed; cheers.

some bomb Greek food that I found

right before I dove into the Greek wrap

art’s festival saturday
10:55am: We made it to Des Moines…again. This time, gang came to appreciate the art. Here are more visuals (in this it’s easier to show you what I saw instead of write about it). s/o to my iPhone and Natalie:

could selling cars be in the near future?

ramen. always. please. (also 4/10 in supposed spiciness).

about 60% of gang who found their way to the mural.


like I said, I could go into selling cars eh?


a HSM jump just had to be done in Des Moines.










sunday / monday / wednesday / thursday
The work I did during the week has not really been blog-worthy…unfortunately.

TBA later.




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