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Back at it again with another blog post and boy, do I have a lot to say! (not really, lol). That just seemed like an appropriate way to catch your attention.

etiquette 101: thursday
11: almost-past-30am: The walk to the MU is one that I am still not used to; what I mean is that my body is not used to the humidity that lurks around in the air. The walk with gang, and the leader of our what-was-supposed-to-be-a-line-question-mark(?) helped me get my mind off of the heat.

post-MU-arrival: Stewart Burger, a phenomenal man, has finally explained why there is so much cutlery spread around a single persons plate during a fancy dinner, a banquet perhaps. Let’s just say we have Catherine de’ Medici and Spain to thank! Dr Burger explained the do’s and don’t’s of eating at professional settings such as when to eat, what to do when you spill soup on the table, and writing thank you notes.
Fun fact: Did you know writing notes entailed paper, pens, and an envelope?
That’s one point Dr. Burger wanted us to have engraved at the back of our minds. He said it’s something to do with our generation?. I’m glad I had this etiquette lunch. I’m glad I have had family who have taught me how to eat at these type of settings…I am also glad that I had Sofia sitting next to me! We had a grand time eating, learning and laughing at Dr. Burger’s jokes. What a man! My day was made by this lunch!

5:45pm: I came home wanting to cook some steak, only to realize the freezer had none. I had to order Jimmy John’s. Oh, the tragedy! A Walmart trip is seriously needed. Maybe tomorrow?

sat, sun, mon, tues —
No work. A blessed 4th of July. Breakfast. Uno. Sleep. Straight up chilling.



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  1. “my body is not used to the humidity that lurks around in the air”
    Come down to the south sometime. You won’t get used to, but you’ll know what to expect next time.

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