— # 14 —

What a day, what a day! I caught myself jotting points on a napkin about what I was going to blog about. So much has happened.

11:15am: Our luncheon lecture with Eliot has been very different from the rest of the lectures we’ve had. Perhaps it was with how we were given to opportunity to ask him anything (of course, after he had given his background story). With our Panera sandwiches, we gladly asked him questions such as “how did your businesses start”, “why did you want to become a professor”, and other questions of the like. Then the conversation switched to how and why you should apply to grad school. It was an interesting switch.

This REU program has made me think about applying to grad school more. I know I want to go. My main reason is because I want to become a professor. I want to teach. It’s what I love. What I don’t know is WHAT I want to teach or what I want to study in grad school. That’s the part that scares me – not having a direction. (It would be nice to talk to someone who could help me plan out what happens after my undergraduate career, OR what I could do for my senior-year thesis).

3:17pm: “If you could cure cancer by killing a certain number of people, would you do it?” My answer is still no but with some research, here’s what I found out: (READ HERE – Both sides of the argument).

What I am trying to say here, is that Eliot taught us that just becomes some things are moral to you, doesn’t necessarily get the work done. You need to think about all perspectives before you go on making decisions. I respect that, just as I did the Ethics class. I can’t wait for Thursday’s class!

6:20pm: Off to finish the VR in manufacturing slides for our presentations with USC! Wish us well



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