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It’s our last work Friday here at ISU. The atmosphere has changed in the VRAC with everyone trying to finish their studies, code as well as their posters and papers that are due next week.

VRiM has made huge progress in terms of coding, creating the environment, working on interactions and the creation of the menu. The past couple of days have had me working on writing a script for an outline-highlight shader. 3 times it has refused to work successfully. We may have to scratch out highlighting objects with an outline due the lack of time.

Work has started pretty late today though. From 9 – 12, we were on the bridge getting interviewed. Everyone Most came into work wearing business professional attire *cough cough*.

This weekend, we are going to be filming more stuff in very bizzare locations. I look forward to that!

That’s all for now folks! I have to continue working on our paper.



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