— #17 —

A quick recap to what’s going on in Em’s life:

All day: I have my full attention on the research paper now that the poster is done. The paper needs to be completed in less than two days, and I keep getting ‘writer’s block’ every time I attempt to start a new section of the paper. #SOSplease.

11:22am: I finished our group’s poster and sent it off. I’m excited Melynda said she liked it a lot. I’m excited that one of our ‘deliverables’ has been completed; only one more to go…which I’m working on right now.
6:15pm: The last ‘outing’ dinner with my roommates at Downtown Deli.
7:03pm: Wondered downtown for the last time, probably. )’:


1:36pm: BELAY CERTIFIED #ThankYouAustin
2:45pm: Popeye’s really filled me – it’s perhaps the best meal I’ve had at here in IA.
6:10pm: The scenery from Grimes, IA to Ames, IA is fantastic.



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