Iso-surface vs. Volume Rendering


The sunrise, in case you missed it… Spectacular.

And other photos from my morning ride. …Why does Iowa have so many gravel roads?

Here’s one with a nice view:

The Deeper Dives and MCA projects/presentations were probably my favorite part of the summer. Diving into 3D printing and choosing a project was even more fun than I expected. Although I wasn’t able to finish both of the prints that I wanted, my first one turned out quite well and I might still be able to finish the other.

Recap: Both projects were based on the idea of layers in additive manufacturing and that a 3D model can be made by simply combining 2D images.

Here’s a slide I stole from Alex that explains layers:

Side note: It was interesting how the sprites that the Unity Immersive team used actually relate to what I was attempting in 3D printing.

I should point out that one of the slides for my presentation was incorrect. “Iso-surface” and “volume rendering” are two different things. My confusion came in part because they are closely related and in part because of this paper (which is correct).  

Volume rendering is the 3D digital preview of medical data using voxels. It has to estimate curved contours because voxels are cubes and for that reason is currently not as precise as 3D printers. When converting an iso-surface to voxels, you lose information. (See Slic3r screen shots below…)

medical_3D_print_bones_foot_MRI MakerBot_Printing_3D_print_medical_MRI_support

Next up, hunting for trees with Sushi and Jameel as part of our research project!

Saving to look at later:



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  1. Tree-hunting definitely sounds wonderful. Also wow that is a pretty sunrise! I’ll have to get up one of these mornings and see it 🙂

  2. Hunting for trees? Do you know how easy that is? They don’t move and they’re HUGE!!!! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t live in the south and shoot at moving things.

    • Just a couple universities I found when I was looking up iso-surface vs. volume rendering. This was the easiest place to save them to look at later!

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