Virtual Reality, Sparks, and Steel

For our luncheon lecture, we had Dr. Rick Stone whose led an amazing life. Welder, scuba diver, cop, professor, and world traveler (50 different countries). Also, very high energy and a good story teller so needless to say it was an interesting lecture.

His main topic was his research on VR usage for welding training. Currently, teaching someone to weld is very expensive because of all the pricy steel plates one burns through while learning the techniques. However, welding is not an antiquated profession that can afford to die out. Dr. Stone explained that in every corner of the globe, welding is absolutely essential for cities, towns, and villages. With the declining number of people choosing welding as a profession, the industry needs modern training techniques that can make the skill more affordable and less time-consuming to learn. Dr. Stone showed us how 50% VR cuts down on the waste of material in training new welders and how the trainees even learn more quickly and proficiently than with 0% VR. Very cool stuff!

He also shared stories of crime fighting and world travelling, but I can’t really do those justice here.

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