3D Modeling

Yay for rock climbing after work! On Thursday we went as a group straight from the lab and had a grand time. Below is a shot of Emanuel (…harder than it looks!)

This might sound crazy, but I’m enjoying SolidWorks much more than free form modeling in Maya. I think it has to do with how each class is being taught (plus, there’s so much satisfaction in knowing that something works). The screens are difficult to read and for Maya there were no live demos. At night I was going back to basic tutorials so that I wouldn’t be as frustrated the next day. In Solidworks we are focusing a lot on theory and problem solving that is not specific to the program (which I appreciate!). But we are also learning little details and common mistakes so that we can avoid unnecessary frustration (things that might be looked over in many tutorials). Here’s some of what I’ve done in SolidWorks so far:

Day One: Basic Controls + Revolving and Sweeping Tutorials

Day Two: Assembly of parts provided by AlexSolidWorks_REU_Summer_2017

Now for the weekend. I’m definitely ready for a break.



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