3D Printing, An Early Start & Leaning In | Day 19(britt)

Day 19

Today I woke up at seven! I say this in excitement because if you guys remember from my early post(I am sure you don’t) I said I was trying to wake up early every day. That sort of fell off this past week because…. honestly just because I love to sleep. HOWEVER, today I woke up at 7 am after waking up at 8 am every day this past week. Hopefully, I am getting back into the early morning a bit but I can’t be too sure yet.

When I was at Facebook for my Girls Who Code program, I had a mentor named Ashley who was a project manager at Instagram. At our graduation, Ashley gave me a book written by Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, called Lean in. Despite that being about two years ago I have yet to read that book she gave me. So, for this summer I brought the book with me (and also downloaded an audio version) so that I get through it at some point of the summer. Well, today was the start of that ‘some point’. I started listening to the book this morning while getting ready and on my bike ride and Caribou Coffee stop. Now, it’s only been day one, and I’ve been listening/reading it every chance I get. I must say, like Ashley described in the note she left me inside the book, it is “a must-read for a smart, ambitious woman like me”(and you too reader :P). If you’re a guy, this book will give you great insight on what working women have to deal with, and how you can help put an end to the dilemma. If anyone in the cohort wants to read the book after I am done(probably by the end of the week) let me know!!!!

When we got to the VRAC lab, our first session was our deeper dives. As I told you in the last post, I chose 3D printing. So, my session was with Alex, a 3D printing expert. I crossed out expert because he says he’s not (but I am pretty sure he is). He talked to us about all the history of 3D printing (I honestly thought it was a new thing… boy was I wrong). He also went through the different techniques for 3D printing (like FFF) and different types of printers. We also got some background knowledge on the printers we will be using (Makerbots) but I plan to do more research on that later to share on the blog. So, stay tuned (:

xx britt

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