Roomies Dine at Downtown Deli

On the evening of June 31st, 2017, the three occupants of room 3216 of Frederikson Court expertly executed a long anticipated excursion to the famous Downtown Deli of historic Ames. One blind, one half asleep and all famished, together they had just enough senses to navigate the city bus system.

They entertained themselves by discussing the weather, travel and driving tests; and also by giving the blind one random eye tests (which she took in stride). After at least 30 minutes of travel, which got them a whopping 2 miles from their apartment, they arrived at the timeworn pair of double glass doors (that, I add, were in desperate need of washing) of Downtown Deli.

Inside, the deli was a straightforward place: retro menu board on the back wall, meat case with gigantic blocks of cheese in plain view, and an adept sandwich artist behind the counter. That didn’t mean it was simple for the blind of the group to order a custom veggie sub, but I bet she could do it with her eyes closed if she had to.

No more than 10 minutes, one veggie, one Italian, and one Reuben later, the trio took a seat at one of several Plexiglas covered fabric tables in the window light to eat the best sandwiches in the universe.

Screenshot of a Snapchat, courtesy of Kate’s mom:

Long twisty necks:


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