42 & Redshirts

Great, now I want pancakes. 42 out of 48 workdays to go. 59 more days total to finish the project that we know so little about.

I skipped my morning ride due to energy levels of precisely 0.000. Fortunately, Emma decided to workout in the evening and I joined her for the reward of bubble tea afterward. This was my first experience, and I was not disappointed.

According to the interwebs, bubble tea, also known by a myriad of other names, was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. The original drink was made by pouring sweetened pudding with tapioca balls into cold tea. I had an iced version (it also comes hot) with grass roots jelly? Or just grass jelly. I can’t remember. My personal expert ordered for me. And it was delicious. In general, bubble tea flavors might be added in the form of fruit flavored powder, fruit juice, pulp, or fruit flavored syrup.


Work/class today was more C++ (if statements, switch statements, loops, controls, and fstream i/o). It shouldn’t have, but it made my head hurt. Eh, I’ll blame it on allergies.

After lunch, we set out on a mission to make memorable group photographs. We all survived, but some of the balloons didn’t. Paul the tech guy worked the camera, so we should have photos soon!

A surprise mail delivery contained a collapsible music stand! <3 No more standing in front of the fridge and using magnets. I hope no one minds the evening melodies!






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