The Last Saturday

Saturday morning was my second and final visit to the Ames Farmers’ Market. It was a pleasant surprise to bump into Kate, Sofia and Brittney, and later Alfredo as we both arrived back at Freddy’s. Alfredo reminded me of one of the songbooks I bought a few weeks ago and gave me the itch to practice tonight.

I’ve never seen so many marbles in one place as at The Pumpkin Patch. They actually had six sizes. And then at the front counter they had even more that were hand-made. Those were a little pricey, but very pretty. The rest of the store was a mix of modern games and classic toys that looked like they belonged in the 1950s.


It’s sinking in that the internship is over, but I’m also looking forward to this back in Idaho!

Sunday has been a workday for CSS styling, written documents and the poster!

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