— # 8 + R E C A P —

If I thought I was busy before, it was a complete joke. By next week Tuesday, I need to have read about 10 papers and know a great load of VR and AR.

8am: RAIN; Waking up to a gray sky and windy weather has perhaps been one of the highlights here. (j’adore la pluie). Jumping out of bed, I hit up on my morning routine and left for Howe with my umbrella, backpack and all.


11:17am: I shan’t compare my work to anyone else’s. What I can say is that a difficulty has been overcome – Maya.

teamwork at its best.

There will be no time stamps. Not much happened yesterday for a complete breakdown.


Gang tried their ‘artwork’. We light painted…Is that the word? But it was a fantastic experience, an awkward feeling, but to the left, are our results!

Another exiting bit of the day was when team WATCH (Brittney, Austin and I) finally figured out what the acronym stood for. I find it kind of ironic for how Dr. Eliot has created an acronym for his team. On the first day, I recall him saying he didn’t really like acronyms(?).



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