Día 7 (6/06/2017)


Today has been a different experience for me. In the morning we had a lot of time to individually work which consisted of me reading research articles that related to mine and learning some more C++. Also, check out lynda.com if you are learning C++ 10/10 would recommend. Very understandable lessons that walk you through the programming interface and the syntax. It’s free if you are an Iowa student so that was a huge plus for me 🙂

Then we got to have a luncheon with Dr. James Oliver, the Director of the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Human Computer Interaction (where I am working). He talked to us about a wide variety of topic. One of which was graduate school of course. Graduate school has always been like a needle in a haystack for me. I know it’s there but it seems so out of reach. I also thought that it would be better to go into industry right after receiving my undergraduate degree so that I can see what I want to specialize in. However, talking to Dr. Oliver opened up my perspective of going to school for a PhD. He touched on the topic of being “over qualified” for a job. That is probably my biggest fear a long with many others looking into grad school. Dr. Oliver talked about his friend who specialized in trilogy( the study of friction) but then went to work on HVAC for a company. He did really well because of his ability to learn.

I learnt that even if you specialize in a topic in grad school, companies will see that you enjoy learning, are motivated, and have a high level of knowledge which is very valuable.

I am really enjoying what I am doing here. The sky feels like the limit because I can keep learning, exploring, and researching to my hearts content. I am blessed to have been given this opportunity and thank God for every moment.

5/10 girls pictured. Miss you queens!

Also I miss these girls and their beautiful hearts!!

Thanks and Gig’em


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