— # 9 —

It’s F R I D A Y! I finally have time this week to update you on everything. I have to check my phone for the pictures I have taken this week to jog my memory and help me write this particular post.

groceries wednesday
5pm: ISSA GYM DAY. I’m trying to get fit. I managed to do 5 laps around the track and 30 minutes of cycling. My legs are crying.

6pm: R3216 is really running low on groceries, cutlery, dishwashing soap… you name it. Right after work, Kate and I rushed downtown (and by rushed, I mean took the bus) to get everything had written down on our list. The list we had accidentally left on the fridge.

With not wanting to go back, we decided to ‘wing it’ and hit up CVS or Walmart and a few other stores that I cannon remember…and some bubble tea.

** Somehow, I have this picture on my phone. It is dated for Wednesday, but I don’t remember the background story. but enjoy Me and Cy #4 though! (s/o to Kate and the stranger)

7:42pm: The nose pads on my glasses fell off. Right after our downtown trip, I had to rush to “Pearle Vision”, located on the other side of town so I could have my glasses fixed. s/o to them for being the only optician open past 7pm.

rocks thursday
5pm: The text message from Anna read: “Let’s meet at the sate gym around 5“. After reading this, I was feeling some type of way. First the heights at the ropes course, and now this!? Oh man.

However…I wasn’t as scared this time. Although I did fall maybe one too many. Please enjoy these pictures of me trying out a new sport that I am actually beginning to love!


(Penn State’s IM Building, after it’s renovation in August, is going to have these rock walls! I am going to be going ALL the time now! It’s quite exciting.).

fibbage friday
7pm: Your girl was starving and saw some corn in the fridge…Here is what happened:

 My pun game strong (;

Very late o’clock: Most of gang went and played games in Alfredo, Austin and Sush’s room. A good game of fibbage was played…a game that I definitely have to take back home with me! It so dumb that it made all of our nights. After the 9th round of fibbage, I really don’t understand what happened. Sofia, Austin, Sush and Alfredo were climbing on top of each other, hiding fidget spinners (UNDRTHEKYBORD), let’s just say the night turned weird really quickly…Then Alfredo decided to look for his phone in the crack of the couch. I’ll just say he found a quarter amongst many other things.

Even later o’clock: WALMART TRIP FOR ICE CREAM!

sleep saturday
Gang decided to hit up the farmer’s market really early on the morning, whilst I decided to catch up on some ‘zzz’s’. I sent Kate a list of things to get while she was the the market…and she returned with pots of herbs! It was really amusing! Natalie, and Kate also got me a little present! It was the best ever!

My afternoon, was mostly spent by cleaning the apartment, and facetime-ing family and friends.

As the day goes on, I will be writing a blog, finishing some homework, waiting for my sister’s prom pictures…and joining gang at the barbecue later tonight.

Good day,


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