Real Life Tetris

I broke down and got a box (well, had Kate get me a box.. Thank you!) for 50 some cents in case I have to mail some stuff home. I left space in my suitcases specifically so I wouldn’t have to, but then I received a couple of delightful packages from family. I start playing suitcase Tetris tonight!

We’ve made great headway on both website and paper this week. With only 9 days left, I’d actually be relieved if we don’t get IRB approval… Although we would have to restructure our paper and poster. If we do get it, we’ll be scrambling to perform the experiment, and analyze and interpret the data… Either way, we’ll make it work! 

Today I redirected my efforts from the paper in favor of knocking out a poster draft. We found out Friday about a template that we’re supposed to follow. It will probably end up getting styled like the CooL:SLiCE website, just with specific sections and school logos.


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