A meeting on our free day

We had Monday and Tuesday off for the 4th of July, but nine on Monday still found my team and I going to a meeting for our research. We had scheduled the meeting before we knew that we would get the day off, but at least it got us up and about, and the meeting turned out to be a success.

The purpose of this was to meet with a couple of people on our TIMELI crew who are in charge of implementing the user interface into the project. One was a programmer and the other a UX expert, so they were able to give us a lot of feedback for both the technical and rational aspects of our UI prototype. The meeting started with them showing us their prototype. They’ve been concentrating on implementing machine learning into the TIM’s workload, so their prototype was understandably different from ours. However, I noticed many similarities and I doubt any of the differences between the two are anything problematic. In short, we like theirs and they like ours, so all that remains is to fine-tune the design, back up our rationale for the design, and integrate the two prototypes into one. Things are starting to come together.

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