A Weekend of Family Visits | Day 17 & 18(britt)

Day 17 & 18 


This weekend my mom and aunt came to visit me! They were both visiting my godmother in Chicago and chose to endure the five-hour trip to come see me (: I was really excited to see my mom, even though its only been a month, and I hadn’t seen my aunt since my high school graduation. So, it was great being able to catch up with both of them. On Friday, when they arrived, I showed them the apartment then we went to Jeff’s for pizza. My mom is really picky when it comes to food and at first, wouldn’t trust me when I said she would like Jeff’s. However, after much persuasion, I convinced her to go. And you know what? She liked it so much she said she would eat there again(which is saying a lot for my mom). Moral of the story: Don’t knock it till you try it.


After dinner, they dropped me back off at the apartment and I went up to one of the boy’s room to play Fibbage. This is a game where a narrator asks a trivia question. There is one right answer(obviously) but all the other wrong answers are created by the players. So you’d have to guess the right answer out of them all. It was a pretty fun game and I got the most thumbs up on my responses for one game so that was pretty cool!

On Saturday, the group woke up early to catch the bus for the farmers market at 8:45 am.

Emanuel chose this flower for me because it matched my outfit. A true fashion designer in the making

However, when we got on, we had apparently chosen the wrong bus; The bus driver was


nice enough to drive us as close as possible to the farmer’s market while staying on route and we only had to walk a short distance to get there! The farmer’s market was great! However, I didn’t get many pics of it.. but Natalie made a great blog about it!


At the market, I met up with my family and we went to the local mall. After the mall, we went grocery shopping then I hung out with my family at their hotel for a bit. After that, they drove me back to say our final goodbyes(they were leaving Sunday morning). After I got back to the apartment – the group was having a grill out so I stayed outside for a couple hours for those festivities.



We also met a friend named Sam whose in a chemical engineering REU. We met him because he was walking around the apartment complex playing a melodica and we were curious at to what the instrument was.

After chatting with him for a bit, we invited Sam to eat burgers with us and had a good time outside playing frisbee, volleyball, and jamming to music.

        Sunday was what I like to call my Recharge Day. I woke up early to workout. Then, when I got back I finished up some editorials I had to right for a conference I recently went to. After I finished writing, I cleaned for a bit and made my first ever meal prep which was really fun and exciting for me. I love food (and making it) but I knew it would be easier for me to stay on track (healthy eating wise) if I premade some meals! So I tried it out, and I am pretty happy with the results!



Sophia invited me to go to the library with her; So, I went for about an hour before I finished reading some articles and decided to go back to the room. Later that night, Emma, Kate, and Natalie made the cohort lasagna, bean dip, and a veggie platter. It was all really good food; I’m really enjoying these family meals and hope they become a regular occurrence. After eating, the group went to see Wonder Women at 10 pm and didn’t get out until 1 am. It was worth it though; I really enjoyed the movie and I didn’t even realize we had been at the theater for that long. My night ended at 2 am when I finally fell asleep.








Austin’s new hair(beard) cut really fit in with the theme of fathers day





xx britt


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