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Good morning,

I do hope my readers are faring well. This approach to my blog is and will be a little different.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading papers about what VR/AR is, which hardware is best for the two environments among many other things that are in these research papers, that I still have little knowledge on.

Here is what we presented in a word document.

Yesterday, during our group meeting, and based on the research WATCH had been doing, we had to defend why we were choosing VR as well as present a timeline for what we wanted done, when…if that makes sense.

It’s fair to say that we passed, however, we need to do a lot more reading and a lot more convincing by and for next week Tuesday in order to move on with our project. I just want to tackle the research question, but Dr. Eliot won’t allow us until we have the foundation we need. I respect what he is doing for us.

This week, we have also been working with a software called ‘Unity’. I just want to understand the scripting language, but I feel the coaches are trying to teach us way too much in the 2 days we have for Unity. I don’t grasp the concepts as well and as fast as the others which makes it even more difficult. I say this because as I’m trying to figure out how to solve some of the problems in our given assignments, most of gang have completed the problems and moved on to other things. My major and specializations, at PSU, are not has coding-intensive, whereas majority of gang are majoring in Computer Science. I try and think about that when I’m working on my assignments…but it’s not as easy as you would think.

Aside the coding, and the constant help I will ALWAYS need (I need one of yous to be my tutor at home please), everything seems to be going well. No complaints whatsoever.

I hope I have successfully put into writing, what I am spending my time in Iowa doing. I hope this explains why I cannot always call back or return texts (on time).



P.S My daily blogs are going to turn into weekly ones. But I will divide them into the respective days of the week. This is just because I have actual work to do now…and my time structure now is COMPLETELY different from the first 2 weeks.
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P.P.S I will add one of these letter-type blogs every so often. This is so you learn more about how I am feeling, a sense as to what I am doing, etc.
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