Airplane ride back to El Paso

8/2 (Wednesday)
Wednesday was great because I got to talk to Dr. Gilbert one on one. He inspired me to continue research through out the fall semester. We looked at a couple of professors from A&M and found one that I am particular interested in talking to. Dr. Gilbert is the best because he was not able to help me directly with choosing the mechanical engineering professors since he is most familiar with Industrial engineering, but he was very enthusiastic about finding the people that could help me. He walked me over to the Director of the Virtual Reality Application Center, Dr. Oliver, so that I could network and find out more about the mechanical engineering professors at A&M. Dr. Oliver explained to me all the different fields of research for mechanical engineering and now I have a much better understanding off what happens. Overall I am glad I talked to Dr. Oliver because now I am very interested in the bio-mechanical side of solid mechanics. Dr. Gilbert has such a heart of gold to take the time to individually help me on my academic path.
8/3 (Thursday)
WOW! I finished my poster session! This was what the whole summer was leading up to! We had a lot more people stop by and ask questions than I had expected. My favorite part about the poster session was when I would explain how my research impacts them and they get excited too! It was a bit scary when our lead professor came over and I presented to him, but the smile on his face while I was presenting made it all worth it. I really enjoyed the poster session.

My first poster symposium


8/4 (Friday)
This summer has been one of the most memorable times of my life and has reshaped my path. Kate and I were actually talking about how we want to reinvent ourselves this semester and all the goals we have. Not only did the teachers I have impact me, but so did the other REU members. Each of them are inspiring, intelligent, funny, and have helped me grow as a person.
Devi: Thank you for inspiring me to read and teaching me how to build a website! I admire your passion for learning and ambition. You taught me seize the day and even if you don’t know how to make something( like the website) just do it because you’ll learn through the process.
Britt: I love how passionate you are about computer science!!! Thank you for showing me all the resources you have about women in STEM! I love how we were able to push and motivate one another to try new things like C++, learn computer hardware terminology, and work out! I loved hanging out with you and the conversations we had as we cooked!
Chris: First of all, thank you for being an amazing research partner and helping me learn everyday from breaking down what was a double in C++ to explaining quantum physics. You’re an amazing teacher! You inspire me to stay curious in education and always ask questions!
Natalie: WOW! I have never meet anyone as bold, disciplined, and kind-hearted as you! You inspire me to take full control of every minute of my life to build something beautiful. Your fearlessness taught me to be myself apologetically, and try things I would never have thought of.
Emma: You are so beautiful and fearless in everything you do! At the same time you have such a kind heart. I could tell how much you valued each of us by how kind you are to everyone! Thank you for teaching me some tricks on cooking and for being the smart and inspiring woman you are!
Kate: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT KATE!! Thank you so much for being an amazing research partner! I absolutely love how positive and helpful you are to everyone around you! You are always encouraging me to try new things like the grace hopper conference and have such confidence in my abilities! Thank you for being authentically you all the time!!!
Masashi: You are so passionate about everything you say, learn, and investigate. Yes investigate, because you are constantly reading articles and learning about what is new an upcoming in technology. It is so inspiring to see someone like you who is so knowledgeable and involved in what they love.
Alfredo: You always know how to enjoy life an be yourself! Thank you for teaching me so much about your project and cooking very good tacos! I always enjoyed when you explained  a concept to the group like what infinity means because you are a great teacher!
Manny: I’ll never forget when you told me “you have to have confidence in yourself because no one else can do that for you”. Your never take life too seriously and always know how to enjoy yourself. You also taught me self discipline I don’t know anyone else that can eat as much cottage cheese and pineapples as you!
Austin: You’re one of the funniest guys Austin! I appreciate all of the corny dad jokes you told on a daily basis. Also, everyday I saw how hard you worked on the virtual environment for your project. Your patience and  passion for learning has taught me a lot.
Jameel: Thank you for being so kind to me!! I can see how passionate you are in everything you do and especially in programming! You take on hundreds of projects because you love what you do and its so inspiring! Thank you for always being so kind to me and taking me to the doctors when I fell!!
I WILL MISS YOU ALL SOO MUCH! I wish you luck in your life endeavors and can’t wait to see you grow! Best of luck, and see you at the REUnion
Thanks and Gig’em

Awesome mentor!

Love my MCA group!!

*britt voice “AAAHHHHH”

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