Almost Done

We just finished the poster symposium about an hour and a half ago. It went really well! I think we all agree that our posters (and presentation of our posters) stood our from most of the non-VRAC ones, but we might be biased a little. Still, we all had very good content and understood and enjoyed our research enough to have good conversations with anyone who would stop by. I direct you to Kate’s post that she put up today, if you want to see an example of our prototype. The symposium was two hours, but we were packing up and leaving before I knew it. That great big finale of our summer research is done. I can’t believe it.

But that aside, I should at least mention all that’s happened since I last wrote:

First, I visited the apartment of a couple guys I’ve gotten to know this summer and there roommate showed me his ’70s Porsche that he’s been working on! He had never done anything like this, but Top Gear turned him into a gearhead and now he loves it! I can relate a bit.

Also, one of the guys showed me his books that he inherited from his aunt. Everything from the Iliad to Marx! I know most people don’t care, but this is the kind of thing that makes me jealous of other people’s possessions.

Yesterday a bunch of us went out to eat at +39 Restaurants (yes, that’s the name of the place) and then went ice skating at the ISU/Ames Ice Arena. That was the maiden voyage for my new ice skates, and we all had a blast! I wish we had known about there Wednesday special a little earlier in the summer though.

And finally, today we had our last meeting with Jamiahus and Quinn, our project partners. Like I said before, I don’t like all these endings, but the meeting went well and I feel they will be able to carry on our work after us. An awesome couple of people who I’m really going to miss.

Jamiahus (left, black shirt) and Quinn (right, red shirt)


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