Almost Done

Wow, we are almost done. It’s strange to think that these 10 weeks are coming to a close in just a few days. I don’t feel like I’ve been here that long, but that’s how it always is, right?

Our TIMELI work is starting to cool down. I expected that the last few days in the VRAC would be a time of chaos as we try to finish the last few things for our research, but it’s not looking like it will be that way for my team and I. Instead, most of our work for the summer is done: we interviewed a TIM, nearly completed our research poster, and have a working Axure GUI prototype. We still have a lot of work to do for the research paper, but we have a couple months to complete it and we’ve made very good progress. Still, I need to not be lured into a false sense of being done. The paper isn’t going to write itself, alas.

This weekend I am going camping, so I expect my next blog post to include a lot more non-work-related topics.


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