Beginning of the End

Today is the first day of the last week here. Right now we are adding the final touches to the website. Unfortunately we are still waiting for IRB approval. Despite this we are still optimistic that we can get some last minute testing done. Hopefully the approval will arrive either today or tomorrow! The worst case scenario is that we end up doing internal testing even though we would not be able to use the data collected in a publication.

The website is practically put together and ready! One of the most challenging aspects of this website has been planning out and controlling the flow of data so that it stays consistent across every page. The state management has been one of the biggest hurdles in this project. Fortunately, it is working! The data communication is consistent and allows for a seamless transition across the different phases. Thanks to this data consistency, the matrix operations that go on behind the scenes work regardless of where you modify data on the website inputs.

All in all, it has been a great time working on this project. I would really like to run some people through it to get some feedback in the next few days. If there was more time, it would be nice to try and optimize some of the search algorithms a little more instead of doing linear searches. This wasn’t necessary for the experimentation since we are dealing with very small data sets, however it is something that would most likely need improvement when integrated with a larger database.

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