Beginning of Week 4!

Hey all! Kate here, again, for another 48 hour-long post! Will try to keep it short (I should really stop promising that).

Yesterday was a pretty chill day. Sofia and I went out to mass, me for the first time. Afterwards, we got (surprise, surprise) bubble tea. I had a delicious flavor called Wintermelon Roasted, which I recommend to anyone who goes and is looking to try something new. I’m not a huge green tea person and even I really enjoyed it!

Also, we had lunch with Stephen today and he mentioned the amount of bubble tea posts on our blogs. Oops, here’s one more! I promise I’ll write about work-related stuff too 🙂

We also went into Barefoot, the campus store with corn shirts, as it has $15 tank tops right now. We both got a really cute corn-related tank top and I got a nice pair of shorts as well.

Afterwards, we both went back to do some meal prep for the week. I also decided, partially due to a burst of nostalgia, to make a black bean salad, as my family makes that a lot for parties at home. We had almost all of the ingredients, except for lime juice, and Emma needed cottage cheese for lasagna, so I made a Wal-Mart run. It was successful, and I got a couple other things as well. Probably not going to bike to that Wal-Mart again, though.

After the Wal-Mart run and the subsequent making of bean salad, I sat around for a bit then went to the library with Sofia. We worked for about an hour, then I came back and helped Emma and Natalie set up our dinner for everyone.

This dinner was pretty fancy, involving lasagna, the bean salad, kale chips made by Sofia, and a vegetable platter. We also added chips and ranch dressing to boot.

After that, eight of us (questionmark) piled into two cars to watch Wonder Woman at 10:30 pm. The actual movie started around 11, and ended a little after 1 am. I totally recommend it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it was amazing! Seriously, go see it. You don’t need to have seen any of the other DC movies in order to understand it by any stretch, it works great as a stand-alone.

This morning, I got up at 8 (I planned it out accordingly, I knew I wasn’t getting up beforehand). After that, we started with Unity, and that is where I will end my post. As usual, I ran out of room, so I’ll write about more work and class-related information in a separate post.

(This is what happens when I try to write 2 day long posts!)



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