Biofuels, UI, and more UI!

Hello all, I am back! Going to turn out a quick post before I get back to sketching what will be sketch #2 before we come up with a group first draft.

Fun fact: The cheesecake bites were delicious!

So yesterday, we were working on Unity some more, during which time my feelings about Unity oscillated once again. I was from stage 4 to stage 5 as written in Sofia’s blog post throughout that session, which meant that I alternated at all times between wanting to throw my computer across the room and feeling as though I had finally gotten it down. I’ll definitely practice Unity on my own though, which I also want to do with Solidworks and Maya (although that will be fairly easy considering I’m in the 3-D printing workshop, my first choice!).

After that, I went with Natalie to a speaking session in Des Moines on UX (user experience) with Stephen, Alec, and Melynda. It was pretty cool to see so many people from industry, and it was a very laid back kind of setting, which was nice. It was also a cool networking opportunity. The topic was very broad, but they had a bunch of book recommendations, one of which is free and which I will have to take a look at online.

Sunset on the longest day of the year

The REU also went to a lecture at lunch yesterday, which was about a very specific topic – the research of Mary Stills. This mainly was comprised of whether humans can effectively measure actions which are intuitive to them, and which questionnaires can best measure intuitiveness of a user interface. It was interesting, and gave us an idea of some of the better measures of intuitiveness out there.

This morning, my group worked on sketching and looked at more videos from the TIMs. Thus far I have one full sketch and am working on a second. If I can do a third before we meet to discuss our prototype, I will attempt to do that, but we will see!

For lunch today, we listened to Dr. Mark Mba-Wright talk about biofuels and renewable energy. As I’m really interested in environmental science and renewables (it was what initially motivated me to go into STEM), I really enjoyed this talk and felt like I learned a lot. In the East Coast, biofuels aren’t discussed as much as solar, wind and geothermal energy, so it was pretty cool to hear more about them and about the different solutions to some of the problems related to this type of energy.

TIMELI is planning on meeting later today to finalize our first prototype, so that’ll be exciting. This will be our group’s first big collaboration, and the first time we’ve had to come to any sort of big consensus, so I’m excited to see how that goes (hopefully better than picking our shirts was!).

With that, I will get back to prototyping and sketching and all of that fun stuff. I hope that everyone has a good week, and that Friday comes quickly!



More pics from Des Moines:


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