Biomass & Conferences | Day 23(britt)


Day 23


Today was our last free day of the week. So, I started off the day reading an article. Then, It was time for our lunch lecture! Our lunch lecture for today was especially interesting to me because the environment is a very important topic and the lecture was about renewable energy(biomass in specific). Our lecturer was an engineer who was working on creating fuel from biomass that was equally as efficient and relatively as cheap as crude oil. I didn’t really know much about biomass and what it uses are so it was very eye-opening for me to learn about.


After our lecture (and a great meal of pasta), we had a craft of research session where we learned about all the different elements we will encounter while writing our IMRD. IMRD stands for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion and is the general format of our research paper. As someone who enjoys writing(to an extent), I am excited to get to writing with the group soon!

Craft of research ended, and next on our calendar was a meeting with Stacy. During our meeting, we went over an abstract template the WATCH group grad students had sent off to a conference that we are also trying to go to. The abstract was conveniently placed in a template(that the conference requires we use). In the template, there is a section for keywords, contributors, the actual abstract(in 100-200 words) and pictures if you so desire to add them(which we do). I’m really excited to start writing for this conference as well because If we get approved, the conference is in San Fransisco. The last time I was in San Fransisco was when I first learned how to code. So, If I go again, I know it will be a nostalgic experience.


After our meeting, we had an hour more of independent work, then we were done for the day. So, I went to the gym and did some new exercises I had looked up the night before. I am learning more and more about the gym every day and I have heard that switching up exercises is good to constantly keep your body on its toes and keep things interesting in the gym. So, I am going to try to switch up my exercises every few days now because so far I’ve been doing the same machines every time I go.


Around 7, the apartment building we were staying at was having a grill out. So, Sophia, Sushi and I waited outside for about an hour and a half for ONE SINGLE BURGER. It was ok though because we had a great convo in line and I got to meet my CA. She had just come back from Europe and was really cool. She said she wanted to try Sushi’s Occulus, So I am sure you guys will see some pics of her screaming in that haunted house game (like Sophia did) soon. 😛


After the grill, we stayed outside a bit to play cornhole. Then it was 9:30 and the sun had finally set. So, I decided it was about time to get in the mood to go to sleep. Sophia and I went back to the apartment and I surfed the interwebs until I fell sound asleep.


xx britt

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