— building and justifying —

As I mentioned in my last post, I am justifying a lot of things which are crucial to our project.This week has been full blown researching.

For the past week (maybe two) I have been trying to find out why specific highlights and colors should be used. Today, around 1:30 (when I should have been writing this blog), I found an article that states why highlighting is important. Although you may be thinking, isn’t this common sense? We are being trained to have information backing up every move/decision we make. Anyway, when I found the article…I sighed in relief. I can move on to new and better things now.

Monday and Tuesday had us working on storyboard-ing.We camp up with what we wanted our program to do…and how. I drew it out the next day. Here is what we are planning to work with:

We have to work on implementing sound, and placement of text before Friday. This means that there are more papers to read. fun L:

Austin and I started working on the Virtual Environment today. I’m happy that we’re starting because I want to see where and how all this reading actually comes into play…it also gives me a chance to do another activity aside reading. Austin’s teaching me some cool things in Unity so far… I’m looking forward to completion, and knowing him, we’ll probably be done by tomorrow of Friday.

Good looks overall though.



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  1. I have also been trying to justify some design decisions and am curious to compare what you found for highlighting? I’m not doing that in particular, but something similar 🙂

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