Caribou for IRB

On Sunday I began filling out the IRB form that we need to submit by the 15th. This morning I returned to the battle with coffee! Kate and I bumped into Paul the tech guy at Caribou Coffee and we all three took advantage of their (rather misleading) 2 for $5 promo.

After hashing through the form again with Jameel and Sushi and drafting the necessary informed consent doc, we had a luncheon lecture with Dr. Adarsh krishnamurthy. As fascinating as his lecture was, I admit I understood very little of what he said. He spoke about simplifying the design-to-prototype process for computer-aided design (CAD) and gave an overview of some of his projects. The inner-workings of 3D modeling systems were completely new to me. We covered the CPU to GPU transition, NURBS, surface-surface intersection, and much MUCH more. It was helpful to have at least a little bit of experience in 3D modeling software before going into his lecture.

He spent the most time talking about his patient-specific heart modeling project, which was very engaging—especially with the 3D model animations. He and several co-workers have created a heart modeling system to discover why pacers are able to help certain dyssynchronous heart failure patients but not others. Through individually-built heart models, they discovered a strong correlation between the balance of stress on the heart while it was pumping and whether the patient responded or did not respond to a pacer. He hopes to further simplify the design and prototyping process with similar projects and is beginning to incorporate VR.

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  1. I was wondering who used the That’s All Folks! image in the media library 😀 yeah that promo was totally misleading, I didn’t realize Paul had also gone there for that purpose!

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