Cheers To The Freakin Weekend | Day 11 & 12 (britt)


Day 11 & 12


Weekend 2 was as jam-packed as the last!! So let’s start from where it began:

8 am:

We were up bright and early for a 40-minute drive to DesMoines for the rope course! I am not afraid of heights and consider myself somewhat of a daredevil, so I was really really excited to climb swing, and belay(all which I got to do a lot of)



My first favorite activity:

The first was the swing. On this activity, you get on a ladder to get strapped in and a few people grab a rope to pull you up into the air. Then, when you’re at the height you want to swing from, you count down and pull a rope to set you free. The swing was really fun and I got great pictures!! (S/O Chris)


My second favorite activity:

My other favorite was this cool obstacle climbing course! Here, we were paired in groups of three:


one person climbing, one person belaying, one person holding the slack. I got to climb once and I got to climb once and belay once(something I had never done before) and it was really cool and slightly scary. Saturday was a relatively windy day, which made climbing to the top a little more difficult. When I got to the top I felt like the wind was going to knock me to the ground; it was significantly more strong higher up than on the ground.




Austin hardcore trusting me with his life



The picture below is of me belaying (not going to lie I was scared to have Austin’s life in my hands like that..) but hey – I didn’t drop him so that’s a plus!!






After the rope course, we were off to get groceries. The first stop was Aldi’s but I needed to get to a Wells Fargo to deposit my check. So I walked about a mile from Aldi to the nearest Wells Fargo and got to see a lot of greenery, some more college apartments, and a bike race going on. I got back from the bank at the perfect time because the group was just loading their groceries into some of the Chris and Jameel’s cars and were about to leave for Walmart. Walmart is where I did most of my shopping and I tried to get relatively healthy food… but that’s not too intresting so fast forward to



Sunday I woke up at 9 am and was out of the apartment by 10 and on the way to the gym. The gym was pretty chill upstairs but downstairs there was a girl’s junior basketball game going on… so it was kind of packed. I worked out for an hour then was on my way to Hy-Vee.  I forgot a thing or two at Walmart yesterday so I brought my empty bookbag and biked to the grocery store because it was a little less than a mile away. I really like Hy-Vee because it’s like a mix between Whole Foods and Walmart. Pretty Sweet!!

My favorite pic of the group so far (IDK why its such low quality on this blog??)

ALSO: We got some group pictures we took earlier this week on Friday(S/O to Paul). I forgot to post them randomly throughout the Sunday portion of this post because I don’t really have pics from this day  (:

John helping with the C++ struggles

When I got back to the apartment, I took a shower and played around with my Midi and little. I made a quick song but I still need to work on it more. I’m really glad I brought my Midi with me because during the school year I never really have the time to learn to use it more but here I have a little more free time (for now).


Then I was in the mood for boba tea, so I penny boarded to TJ cups and got my usual passion fruit smoothie. I sat in front of the lake and Facetimed my mom. We had a good chat until a chipmunk decided to start tormenting me. I was just minding my business drinking my Boba, then out of nowhere this chipmunk just starts fastly running really close to me. When I looked at the chipmunk it would give me direct eye contact and was never the first to look away. This chipmunk was bold. Eventually, she decided to torment someone/something else and I was left alone again. I got to see the swan Elaine(or was it Lancelot?) and I actually got pretty close to him so that was cool.



Then that night, in the GroupMe, Alfredo, Sushi, and Austin started urging the group to come up to their room for an odd meal of chicken, blueberry pancakes, and ghost pepper salsa. This was an offer no one could refuse. Sophia, my roomie, and I ran to their room so we beat everyone to the food (except for Emmanuel who lives across the hallway) and it was all pretty good BESIDES the ghost pepper salsa. That salsa was HOT and Sushi tried to say that it wasn’t and that if you keep eating it the spicy taste would go away(which I find very hard to believe). We hung out in their room for an hour or two and had some good

During our hangout, Kate told the group about this scholarship program her and Emma did last summer that was seriously horrible.The complete opposite of the REU program. In her program, they couldn’t close their room/apartment doors unless they were sleeping or showering. They could not have their phones, had to be at their classes at 6:45 am every day and were scheduled till 10:30 pm. They also had to walk in single file lines from class to class and if there was space in the lines they got punished. They also had to walk in odd numbered groups always and if you arrived to class even a minute after 6:45 am the whole group had to be at class 15 minutes earlier the next day. This program sounds more like a jail than a summer program to me… but it was interesting to listen to. However, I know I could never last in a program like that.





We hung out in their room for an hour or two and had some good nighttime fun before I called quits and got ready for bed – putting an end to another fun and jam-packed weekend.


xx britt


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