Chicken and IRBs

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day cooking for the upcoming week. I decided that some fried chicken sounded good so early in the day I started marinating the chicken in the buttermilk concoction. Somehow it ended up that myself and my other two roommates were all cooking at once! It was a great time and before we knew it most of everyone was in our room. It became a sort of mini family dinner. The downside to having everyone in the room while frying chicken and having the windows open is that it gets HOT. On top of that the oil used for the chicken decided it would be a good idea to start smoking a little. Funny enough, this just turned into another bonding moment where everyone in the room grabbed something to fan the air in an attempt to not set the fire alarm off. All in all I would call it a success. It was a nice moment that we got to share.

In regards to the project that I am working on, we need to make the deadline to submit an IRB by the 15th of June. That’s only three days. Fortunately it’s been interesting learning about the IRB process and has brought up a lot of questions that I’ve never had before. For one, I am curious about how IRB work as a private company. If a company decides to test a MVP or conduct a survey do they also need an IRB? It has been a great learning experience that will help me plan how to prepare for future situations when dealing with customers/clients.


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