Chill Weekend

Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting either Friday or Saturday, when I said I would. This post is going to be a rundown of the past weekend. Thankfully, there’s nothing really to cover today, besides getting Caribou (!), so not a lot to post.


  • Got to 3-D print a bunch of stuff! On Thursday and Friday actually. Picture below!
  • Not sure what else I did. Didn’t get to go to pottery, mainly because I was really tired.
  • Oh right! Volleyball at 7:30. Well, it was kind of volleyball. Sort of.
  • I’m way better at that version than at actual volleyball
  • Banana pudding! Yum. Was really good. Only problem is it called for 14 bananas, and around 5 were used. I had bought 20 bananas so there would be some left over. Good thing I’d eaten banana ice cream the past two nights. More banana ice cream was in my future.
  • Unfortunately I didn’t save the video of Alfredo rapping The Real Slim Shady
  • Played more infuriating Uno


  • Woke up late
  • Made lunch (too late for breakfast haha)
  • Called my parents
  • Went to the library
  • Did a bit of lit review
  • Came back for taco night! Helped(?) Alfredo and then made some veggies for my tacos.
  • During taco night, we played a pretty cool VR game in which you work in teams to diffuse a bomb. Only the person with the headset can see the bomb, and must describe it to everyone else, who has a manual with instructions on what to do in specific instances (found at If I buy a VR headset, I’m getting that game.
  • Me and Manny and Alfredo got pretty great at it (3 of the four math majors in the group – Emma, come through). Maybe we’ll join the CIA one day and become a bomb squad. Sushi, meanwhile, was heckling and playing the guitar in the background.
  • Made my banana ice cream and went to bed.


  • Sofia and I went to church! It was the pastor’s last mass, and it was a pretty good service! He sang and danced, and everyone was smiling. Good start to the day.
  • Afterward, we made (surprise surprise) banana pancakes! We used 3 bananas, and so I only had 3 more to go. The nightmare was almost over. *Disclaimer: I really like bananas in general. Just not under these circumstances.
  • The pancakes were really good! As was the raspberry sauce Sofia made in lieu of syrup. Note to self: raspberries, honey, and a bit of almond milk is a winning combination.
  • Afterwards, we had a group meeting at the VRAC. Kept it to 2.5 hours, which was good! We had a lot to do and we got a lot done. Our Powerpoint for Wednesday is mostly complete, but I’m gonna work a bit on the Methods slide today. We also finished our application for the symposium, which included the most important piece: the title. We present Integrating Traffic Incident Management Interfaces. On the Powerpoint I tried to make an acronym (InTIMe) but, for good reason, got shot down.
  • We saw a cool poster session when we were leaving, so we explored a bit and talked to a team that was making energy efficient houses and mobile labs. Pretty cool, I know
  • After that, I made dinner and then Sofia and I worked on our Major Course Activity presentation (3-D Printing is making one together).
  • Then it was off to bed for a (somewhat) early night.

I would apologize for the word count, but I kinda liked writing this post so I’ll just say thank you to the people who read this far!

Also, fun fact: this post took an hour to write. Guess that’s what happens when you write to much and are writing about three days.

With that I will end my post for today and work on our group’s presentation.

Until next time,



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  1. “I would apologize for the word count” – Girl! You have to stop apologizing to your fans and just write your heart out lol. Good luck in your presentation x

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