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We had our talk with Eliot today about his career and grad school specifically. He talked about a lot of interesting things, including his start-ups and the technology he worked with. He’s talking to us again today about ethics, and is going to mention ethics issues he faced with his companies.

One thing that I thought was really cool was the start-ups. I’ve never considered having a start-up until I came here, but I know a bunch of people here are really interested in it and the more I’ve learned about it the more I’ve thought about it. I definitely still want to go to grad school, but having that option as well would be really cool.

I was talking to Sofia about it afterwards, and she said that she wants to start at least one start-up during undergrad. I have other friends talking about that as well, and think it would be really cool. That got us talking about what we want to do before finishing undergrad.

Without further ado, here is what I want to do in the next three years:

  • Independent research project
  • Completed Hackathon project
  • Start a start-up (and put a lot of time into it)
  • Do a big community service project
  • Travel outside the US (whether for study abroad, vacation, or some other reason)
  • Run a long-distance race
  • Write a novel (creative writing minor, come through)
  • Make a blog, and keep updating it

The last one’s kind of funny, since of course we have one already. I want to keep blogging after this program is over, though. I really enjoy writing and it’s kind of fun to express myself online. Dr. Gilbert told Natalie and I about this scientist named Hope Jahren who keeps a blog about her life in academia among other things. She’s now a published author and everything. Not that I expect to do any of that, but it would be really cool to keep writing and expressing myself even as I start a scientific career.

Anyway, this post was a lot more optimistic than the one earlier. One thing I really like about my time here is that we’ve had the chance to creatively problem-solve in a way I haven’tย done before, certainly not at school, and it has me wondering how I can take that back to my school and start something really exciting there. Not to mention I want to do some fun stuff during my undergraduate education!

Also, this is a way for me to justify buying a VR headset.

That’s all for now, as we are off to practice our presentation (which seems a little bit less stressful now).

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