Craft of Research

Instructor: Angelica Jasper

The purpose of the Craft of Research is to provide students with additional education and training in research and related processes, supplement the guidance received through research team projects, as well as to prepare them for SPIRE-EIT REU milestones.

Book: The Craft of Research
           Booth, W. C., Williams, J. M., & Colomb, G. G. (2003). The craft of research.
           University of Chicago Press.

Week 1 (6/1): Introduction to the Craft of Research
       💡 Week 1 PPT
            Craft of Research pg. 1-67

Week 2 (6/8): Problems of the Research World: IRBs, Human Subjects, & Plagiarism 
       💡 Week 2 PPT 
            IRB Resources:
                   IRB Review Types
                   Six Regulatory Exemption Categories
                   Nine Regulatory Expedited Categories
                   IRB Non-Exempt Application
                   IRB Exempt Application 
              Plagiarism Resources:
                   Top 10 Plagiarism Scandals of 2014
                   Types of Plagiarism Infographic
                  Ethics of Self-Plagiarism
                  Costs of Research Misconduct

Week 3 (6/15): Developing a Research Project, Part 1: Research Questions & Writing Conventions
       💡 Week 3 PPT          
            Activity 1 Articles: 
                   Carter, Williams, Hodgins, & Lehman (2014)
                   Mihajlovic, Grundlehner, Vullers, & Penders (2015) 
            Research Question Resource:     
                   Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Objectives
            Research Writing Tutor Resources:
                   RWT Website
                   RWT Moves-Steps Quick Guide

Week 4 (6/22): Developing a Research Project, Part 2: Literature Reviews & Methods
       💡 Week 4 PPT

                   Literature Table Template
                   Activity 1: Communicative Goals Passage

Week 5 (6/29): Developing a Research Project, Part 3: Results & Discussions
       💡 Week 5 PPT  
            Broader Impacts Resources:

                    NABI NSF Guidelines
                    NSF Broader Impacts Criterion
            Writing and Language Resources:
                    Discussion Section Moves & Steps
                    Results Section Moves & Steps
                    Verb Tense in Scientific Manuscripts

Week 6 (7/6): Creating a Research Poster
💡 Week 6 PPT
            Program Specific Poster Requirements:
                     Iowa State University Logo  
NSF Logo
                     Funded by NSF Grant CNS-1461160
           Past REU Poster Examples:
                    Cognitive Assistant
                    Team Tutor (2016)
                    Wireless EEG                     
                    Game Day
                    Simulated Flight
                    Team Tutor (2015)

Week 8 (7/20): Abstracts and Formatting Tables/Figures
       💡 Week 8 PPT
8 Formatting Tips for Perfect Tables in Microsoft Word     
APA Tables and Figures

Week 9 (7/27): Building a CV
     💡 Week 9 PPT           
          CV Resources: 
                  Preparing an Effective CV
                  CV General Tips
                  CV Section Tips
                  Key Words and Action Verbs
            Resume Resources:
                  Resume Building for Engineering Students
                  Engineering Resume Examples