Journal Club

Journal Club guidelines

Instructor: Anna Slavina

Week 1 (6/2): Introduction

Week 2 (6/9): MistForm: Adaptive Shape Changing Fog Screens 

Week 3 (6/16): Don’t Talk Dirty to Me: How Sexist Beliefs Affect Experience in Sexist Games

Week 4 (6/23): Playing With Prejudice The Prevalence and Consequences of Racial Stereotypes in Video Games  — don’t need to read (if you already did, awesome! but also, sorry)

REVISED 6/20: I will be happy to lead the discussion about your articles this week, but try to at least look over each one 🙂

Team Nav
VR AR Manufacturing group

Week 5 (6/30): VR/AR in manufacturing

Week 6 (7/7): VR Nav

Week 7 (7/14): TIMELI

Week 8 (7/21): CooL:SLICE

Week 9 (7/28): TBD