Day 13 (6/12/2017)


This was a super fun and adventure packed weekend where I got to bond with my co-workers! So here is an little view into our life:

At the top of a 30 ft high swing!


After I let go of the tie to drop my swing I probably yelled way more than I needed too. The terror definitely turned into excitement really quickly.




The whole process of climbing the tower was much more intimidating than it looks. To put this into perspective : this tower is about 50 feet high, there was strong wind, and the little things you step onto kept moving. I was so glad that I decided to go at the same time as Kate because she pushed me to keep going. It was such a fun experience and I would do it again even if it was a little scary at first.

Climbing up the tower!

Kate and I at the top !









Exhausted, burnt, but happy 🙂

On Sunday I went to the Community Art Center with Jameel and Kate to finish working on our bikes! We finally got them done with the help of Val (one of the volunteers). I never knew how to fix a bike until I learnt from Val.

Community Art Center

Today, I had classes on MAYA which is a Computer Aided Design Software. I have never used CAD so this was an interesting experience for me. It is a little tedious at first because there are so many buttons and ways that you can manipulate a figure. However, after a while I was able to get the hang of it!

My first model in MAYA 🙂

Thanks and Gig’em


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