Day 14 (6/13/2017)


Today has been a research packed morning. I started off with a meeting for my research project TIMELI. The meetings are always a very humbling experience because it reminds me how little I know about task analysis and how much work goes into this project. Today the meeting included one of the professors in charge of the project, the graduate leader of the project, two masters students who are working on the project and four undergraduate students including myself. Jamiahus, a graduate student in charge of TIMELI, was reviewing the flow diagram of everything a Traffic Incident Manager (TIM) does. Going into this project I though that it would not be very difficult to make a user interface, but as I learn more about task analysis and all the research that needs to be done before hand, the more I realize all the factors that need to be considered. This summer has taught me how to analyze data in a way that I could never have learn in the class room. It is not just busy work that I can forget about later, I get to use all of the information to help build a UI that will impact ( and hopefully improve) someone’s daily life.

After, we had a luncheon with Dr. Adarsh Krishnamurthy. He walked us through the research that he started off with as a Ph.D. students and what he is currently working on as a post-doc. As an Ph.D. student he did research for Solidworks, a computer aided design software, in Non Uniform Rational B-Spline representation (NURBS). As a post-doc he has built on that research to use NURBS to replicate the heart of patients with Dyssynchronous ( the left side of the heart does not pulse at the same time as the right causing a deficiency in the blood the heart pumps). Amongst many other findings, the 3D representation helped the research team discover that the work loop is different sizes on both side of the heart which is a major link to unsynchronized contraction time of the heart.

Thanks and Gig’em

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