Day 15 (06/14/17)


Today we finished up our classes in Maya and started classes in Solidworks. I had just gotten accustomed to Maya and now we are about to switch to something else. In the beginning, I was following the instructions and got a good handle on some of the functions like extrude, however, toward the end when we got to light manipulation I was completely lost. I started to get very confused and ended up working with the tools I knew and understood on a city scene instead.

At the start, learning Solidworks was a very frustrating process because the program uses icons with no text, so it was a steep learning curve. I was able to complete the beginner tutorial and build a basic camera. Later in the evening Kate and I came back to the VRAC at night to work on the candle holder. These programs have really tested my problem solving skills and improved them.

Peak into our group cookout 🙂










Thanks and Gig’em

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