Day 17: Revenge of the Spaghetti

I went to work early today after buying some pens(I lost my first one after light painting) and read lots of papers needed for research. Eventually, we had a luncheon with MY professor. Also, it was held in the same room where we usually meet him, so it was like home. He talked about his earlier experience in VR and told us about how early VR headsets used to cost $40,000! The tracking system would also cost $10,000-20,000! He’s really happy since VR technology is cheaper and more available. He’s actually able to buy back-up headsets because they’re $800.00 today. I really like working with my project mentors. They’re nice and super chill about the project. Don’t worry, we’ll get the project done (just because they’re chill doesn’t mean they’re lazy).

For lunch, I had a salad. It’s nothing to impressive and I really wanted Caesar salad, but it was a good lunch. I even got to eat bread sticks. I also called to see if I could find my letter, but that won’t work since letters don’t have tracking numbers. My mentor told me it’s normal to wait a week for letters, but I still wish that I at least knew where it was. It’s been ten days and I wish I didn’t have to wait so long. Fun fact: US postal service was really bad until companies like FedEx and UPS were allowed to make money off the the service, which shows that you can’t always trust the government to do everything. I’ll just have to pray that life comes through for me.

Anyways, we met up with my project mentors to discuss our research and we’re getting close to writing our experiment. I’m really proud of the work that my team is putting in and the results that we are getting out. Also, we’re getting better at SolidWorks. I’m getting better, even though some of the instructions don’t make sense and don’t always explain enough. Our instructor even saw people working on it and he went around and helped everybody with the tutorial. He even said that it’s okay if we only finish part of the first tutorial because we’ll learn a lot anyways (plus, there wasn’t really enough time to do everything in one day, unless you could install the software at home and have a PC strong enough to run SolidWorks). We stayed a little after work, but we eventually had to go rock climbing.

I’m going to tell you that rock climbing is hard, but really fun. My shoulders were feeling it, my fingers were crying, and I wanted to give up, so I did. However, I went to the wall that didn’t have any ropes and I climbed one of the paths, so I can say that I accomplished something today.

Later, I made spaghetti for EVERYONE! You may not know this, but I love spaghetti. Spaghetti is a delicious delicacy that reminds me why we’re alive and still living. I had some help in the kitchen and was able to make beautiful bowls for everyone who came over and they watched The Eric Andre Show. Side note, I eventually showed my roommate the Oklahoma state song, and he agreed that it was a good state song which proves my point that Oklahoma has (one of) the best state song in America.

A beautiful bowl. I’ll be happier holding it than I will be holding my son.


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