Day 18: Late Night Walmart trip

I woke up late today. I know and I’m sorry, but I got really tired yesterday. Making spaghetti is not easy at all. Don’t worry, I still got to work on time. I don’t show up late. Also, I’m getting better at Solidworks. I still think that Maya is better, but it’s good to know that I’m building stuff. I’m understanding all of the constraints and how to define everything. You know what, I’m going to be a mechanical engineer! I’m kidding, I’m going to stay with programming.

For lunch, we went to the other building. I had Chester’s Chicken (sorry, but it’s delicious and I don’t have one around me). We also had a discussion about all of the way to make chicken and I found out it’s really difficult to list them all. I don’t know how to make chicken because of all the ways, but I’ll cross that bridge when I see it.

Game night was really fun tonight. We played Fibbage all night (and I won a few rounds). I had lots of fun with everybody. Eventually, the few of us who were still awake went to Walmart. I was starting to wonder what I was doing with my life since I should have been sleeping because I had to go to the farmer’s market, but then I thought it was getting better along with everybody, so I’ll take it as a win. Fun fact: the Walmart near Aldi’s has a McDonald’s in it!

Fun fact: this Walmart has a McDonald’s in it! I haven’t seen one in years because all McDonald’s have been replaced by Subway. As you can see, Emma was just as excited as me.

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