Day 19: Farmer’s market

Despite staying up last night, I managed to wake myself up for the farmer’s market to look for some apples. How did they not have any apples? Seriously, there were all of these vegetables, but not any fruits. I guess I don’t understand farmers markets. At least I got these sweet tacos that were somewhat authentic. I mean, they used a tortilla instead of a shell and they used two tortillas, but I don’t see tomatoes on tacos. Whatever, I miss tacos. Before we left, we went to the music store and played around with the instruments.

Statue of someone

Dovahkiin statue

My delicious and somewhat authentic tacos. I wish I could remember the name of the taco truck that sold them.

That’s right ladies. Who wants to date a six-foot tall man? I’m making this my Tinder profile picture. Source: probably me

You know what they say; be a creep to your talented friends every chance you get and always take their pictures without consent. It’s just a good habit. Fun fact; I’m somewhat sure she still doesn’t know.


Immediately after getting back, I check the mail center for my letter. It wasn’t there.


Soon after, I had to go to Walmart and get some groceries because I was starving and running out of food, and I didn’t know how much longer I can last(sorry if I sound like Bear Grylls while writing that). Plus, I had to get some apples since a certain farmers market, which I won’t name because I’m really nice, didn’t have any. The good news is that a nice lady, who had apparently been making apple crumbles for twenty years, told me what to buy. Whether it’s mom, my girlfriend, or a random lady in Walmart, it’s nice to know that someone in my life will always tell me what to buy. I bought way too many items and almost broke my arms trying to carry my items back. All of us may have bought too many items, but we made it. Also, our bus drive came from Canada, moved to Texas, then moved to Ames. He was pretty cool.

It wasn’t long before we had a cookout! We ate burgers, played Frisbee catch, and played Fibbage (where I won again because I’m a genius). We all had a great day again and I’m not sure how many good days we can have. Do good days run out? I sure hope that they don’t.


Day 19: Farmer’s market — 2 Comments

  1. Question: How did you figure out it was a “Dovahkiin” statue?
    Statement: We should make tacos sometime.
    Fun fact: We bought apples for crumble, too. We should have plenty πŸ˜›

    • Question: Look at it. It’s obviously a dragon. It has a ball that ignites the gases that come out of it, it has a tail, it has wings for flying, claws for slashing, and teeth for feasting on the bones of sheep and knights. It’s obviously a fire-breathing dragon.
      Statement: That’s cultural appropriation \s.
      Fun fact: Thanks for making apple crumble for everyone \s.

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