Day 20 (06/19/17)


I strongly dislike Unity right now.

There has been a trend in learning all of these programming, design, and game development platforms for me.

Step One: At first I start off with confidence I might learn quickly.

Step Two: I realize I do not know anything, and I want to lightly hit my computer.

Step Three: I think I begin to understand it.

Step Four: I realize I do not understand anything, and want to throw my computer across the room.

Step Five: I actually start to understand it and really like it (most of the time). . .

Currently I want to throw my computer across the room because of Unity. I also learnt that game design is not for me. I think this is an appropriate time to quote Kate, “If unity was a person. I would punch him in the face.”

Today I also had a great lunch with Dr. Gilbert and the rest of the team. Dr. Gilbert is a very insightful man and today he gave advice on reading a book called “Getting Things Done”. One of the key points in the book is to always keep two list on hand: one of things you want to get done and the other is questions you have for your supervisor if you run into them. This is very good advice. I am very excited to follow through with it.

Thanks and Gig’em



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